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Gay movies help change taboo Volunteers promote gay movies at The Boat on Beijing's Liangmahe Road. Two Saturdays ago, a modest crowd gathered at The Boat on Beijin第一会所最新邀请码

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Ang Lee: Asian audiences more accepting of gay subject-China Lee noted one of his previous movies about a gay couple, The Wedding Banquet, received a less restrictive categorization in his Taiwan t粉红色高跟鞋

Ian McKellen takes act to film, TV -- and gay rights_Movie/TV--China McKellen has enjoyed recent box office success in movies like the X-Men series, and he McKellen was in the vanguard of A-list actors t

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Gay group finds a public place to call home This is a gay-themed sale in the unit, which functions as the Beijing LGBT Center, for the who helps run the book and DVD sale, movie